March horoscope 2023: Monthly horoscope reading for each star sign


“The end of the month feels like a breath of fresh air for you!” She remarked. “Since you are ruled by the Sun, your days and months will shift and change as the sun transits through the signs.

“Until the 20th, it is still Pisces season, and the sun is in dreamy and intuitive Pisces, so you feel more romantic and in harmony with those around you. When the sun goes into fiery Aries, you feel like your old self again, active, vibrant and sociable. You’ll feel like you can gamble and never lose because Pisces lends its intuition to you, and Aries, its courage.”


“The full moon in Virgo on the 7th of the Month only ever happens during Pisces season, once a year,” the expert noted. “This is a time of manifesting for you – look at what you want from life, write down some goals and then set a plan to achieve them. Your full moon will cause circumstances to sway in your favour.

“Throughout March, your ruling planet, chatty Mercury goes through three signs, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, meaning your communication style will change after the 3rd and again after the 19th.”


“Harmony and balance are a big part of your identity, and you absolutely avoid confrontations as much as you can,” Inbaal mentioned. “Your ruling planet Venus is as elegant as can be, and this month it moves between two of your biggest allies, which is good news.

“Until the 16th, Venus is in Aries, your perfect opposite sign. It gives a spring to your step and you feel invincible. From the 17th onwards it is in Taurus, which is also ruled by Venus, so you feel aligned with, and understood by those around you.”

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