Millionaire, 26, teaches other women how to make money

The content creator, who goes by @billiondollarbella describes herself as a “business girly in her soft girl era”. She encourages her followers to “get rich” and “go to pilates” and attempts to guide them in how exactly to do the former.

Tessabella, the self-proclaimed self-made millionaire, made a huge sum by the age of 25 by “hustling and grinding”. Now she is embracing a slower pace of life in Arizona.

She still makes videos encouraging others to achieve their financial dreams and sharing tips to enable them to do so. The content creator made her first million by 25 by founding her digital marketing agency, investing in and selling real estate, and using e-commerce automation and digital real estate.

E-commerce generally means selling products through Amazon stores and drop-shipping, which is selling items you don’t keep in stock but purchasing them through a third party – such as a wholesaler – as and when you need them to fulfill orders.

Digital real estate, on the other hand, means buying and selling digital assets such as websites, NFTS, mobile apps, or digital billboards for a profit. The businesswoman revealed she also encouraged other people to start Amazon stores, managed those stores for them, and took a percentage of their earnings. Tessabella claims to own a couple of other businesses and be a partner in a number of businesses, too.

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Living her dream by 25, the content creator bought her dream car, a G-Class Mercedes-Benz often referred to as a “G Wagon”, had flown on a private jet a number of times and flew First Class, had no debt and had a credit score of 780.

The TikToker said: “I’m now trying to live the soft girl life in Scottsdale, Arizona, while still making a lot of money. I want to start an account on here where I can show you guys what to do, what not to do, and stupid mistakes I made along the way so you can avoid making those mistakes too.”

Tessabella shared five money tips with her audience, which she claimed could “help them get rich and go to pilates” She said she wished she knew these money habits sooner, including her number one tip, keeping one day a month as a financial management day.

She said: “On this day I make sure I monitor everything coming in, everything going out, I reconcile everything in Quickbooks and, of course, I always revisit my financial goals.”

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The number two tip, she explained, is to use a credit card. Tessabella said: “I made sure I buy as many things as I can on a credit card.”

She explained this does not mean buying things you can’t afford, but using a credit card to make everyday purchases and paying them off the next day. She said this way you will build your credit history and reap the benefits of any rewards on your credit card.

Tessa recommended setting savings goals, including having at least three months of expenses available at any given time and hitting that goal before doing other savings.

She splits her income into three tiers and explained why. She said split income into “what you need to survive, what you need to cover your needs and some additional fun things, and third, how much you need to be living the elevated lifestyle you desire.”

She explained: “What is the number that would truly give you financial freedom? If you don’t know that number you need to calculate it, if you don’t know what you are working towards it’s going to make it basically impossible to hit. “

Tessabella also cancels each of her cards every six months. She says this helps her limit unnecessary subscriptions and spending. It’s a very good trick for making you think about it a little bit more.

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