Monaco royals ‘present a family team’ whereas Kate & Will ‘ration’ children’s appearances

“An intrinsic difference in the family experience is that whereas George, Charlotte and Louis are different ages, meaning George would have faced any immersion like this as an only child initially, Albert’s children are twins, meaning they have each always had sibling company and back-up from the word go,” the expert added. 

“Interestingly, rather than causing increased anxiety, the rationed appearances from our UK royal children always seem to have thrown up body language signals of confidence and even what looks like relaxed informality from little Louis in particular. 

“Instead of looking fazed by the crowds and cameras he [Louis] appeared totally able to behave playfully with little if any signs of inhibitions at both the Jubilee and at Christmas.

“Little Gabriella and Jacques can often look more diffident at events and even though there are photos showing them seeming to have a good time and playing together, they will often pose shyly as their parents place reassuring-looking hands on their shoulders or offer loving hugs.” 

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