Mum claims six-week-old baby is ‘world’s youngest talker’


A mum believes she may have the world’s youngest talking baby, as she claims her little girl greeted her with a surprising “hello” just 45 days after birth. 

Somer Galal, age 30, from San Francisco, California, said it was “incredible” and she was so surprised that she immediately began recording the moment, as she was not sure anyone would believe her. 

According to Somer, the incident happened on October 5, when grandmother Beverly Galal, age 70, was visiting Somer and newborn Berlenti when the baby girl uttered her first word.  

Somer said: “At first no one would believe me. I even wondered if I was just a crazy mother. I was so shocked. I was playing with her and we were just watching her. I just started saying ‘hello’ to her. I don’t really know what I expected.

“I said to my mum, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if she said hello back?’ It was the most heart-warming moment. She might be the world’s youngest talking baby.”

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Berlenti then went on to speak again three days later in front of dad Omar Eid, age 31, and now the little girl uses the word ‘hello’ regularly to get attention from her parents. 

Babies usually say their first words at ages 10 to 14 months old, so Berlenti being able to talk so soon is an astonishing accomplishment. 

Berlent , who was born on August 21, now enjoys having a little chat while having her nappy changed according to Somer. 

Somer said: “It’s lovely how she’s a typical girl – gossiping in the toilets. She gets really enthusiastic now when it’s change time.”

The mom has also said she has begun teaching the little girl how to play the piano. She said: “I put my finger up and say ‘one’ and she puts her finger up too. I think she’s just mimicking me – but it’s still very cute!

“I put her hands on the piano keys and press them to show she can use her hands to make the noise. I don’t think she’s understood that yet but she smiles when she hears the sound.”

Somer does know why little Berlenti was able to talk at such a young age, but has said she is open to all possibilities.

She said: “Maybe all babies are capable of this but we don’t look for it because we’re expecting them to just eat and sleep. Or maybe she’s a genius – I’m open to all possibilities.

“It’s interesting that at my first scan the doctor commented that her brain development was really advanced. I thought they were being encouraging but maybe she’s a little prodigy.”

In 2020 there was a little boy who also made headlines after a video of him saying “hello” at only eight weeks old went viral on social media. 

Charlie John Taylor-Mullington from Willaston, England managed to greet his father who was playing with the little boy and repeatedly saying the word. 

However, Charlie’s mother later was not able to get Charlie to repeat the word in an interview, which led viewers to speculate that Charlie may have just been gurgling in the video.


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