Mum’s ‘5-minute’ trick to add volume to your hair without a wash and blow dry

Brittany Xavier is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who also shares insights into her busy life as a mum of two. She showed fans how she quickly achieves a voluminous hairstyle even on days when she doesn’t have time to do a proper wash and blow dry.

Brittany shared her “how to tutorial” with her 4.9M followers on TikTok, where it has so far amassed 96.1K “likes”. The “five-minute volume for dirty hair” hack is made up of just four simple steps.

To begin, Brittany says you need to “spray both sides” of your hair with dry shampoo. The best way to do this is by taking a small section of hair from the top of your hair, lifting it, and applying the dry shampoo underneath.

This will reduce the risk of any white patches and absorb any oil which may have built up. Dry shampoo can also add texture to the hair, assisting in lifting up the roots to create a bouncy appearance.

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The hack received mixed reviews on TikTok, with some applauding the hack. A viewer named Isabella said: “I didn’t know I needed to see this until I did.”

However, Leah pointed out: “If you straightened your hair and want to spend 45 minutes doing it again, this is the best option.”

Beauty influencer Belle Lucia also recently shared her volumising hair hack, though she says a hair dryer is not required at all. Belle, who is a model, property developer, and mother has an audience of 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account @belle_lucia, and 45.8K followers on her TikTok account @belleluciak. In a video, she showed how dry shampoo is the only product she uses to achieve big bouncy locks.

Lucia explained: “Brush it all up and spray dry shampoo everywhere.” She then showed how to do it by holding all of her hair up above her head in one hand before spritzing the roots all around her hairline. Lucia added: “Massage the dry shampoo in, then flip it over and it’s volumised.”

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