‘My 11-year-old daughter came back from a sleepover with 10 piercings – I’m raging’

On the social media platform Reddit there is a forum called “Parenting” in which parents share advice and tips on raiding their children. This week, one woman’s post has taken the forum by storm as an upset mother does not know what to do after her daughter came home from a sleepover with multiple piercings. 

The unfortunate incident took place over the weekend when the 11-year-old daughter was invited to a sleepover with the neighbour’s 13-year-old girl, whose friends were aged 14 and 15. The mother wrote: “I was a little reluctant about my daughter spending time with the older girls but we know our neighbours well and often go away with them.”

However, the mother’s initial reluctance was proven right the day after when the daughter came home. The girls had taken to piercing each other’s ears and now the daughter was “all blinged out”.

The mother said such an act was “very uncharacteristic” for her daughter who has only ever had one piercing in each ear and rarely wore any piercings. Now, the daughter had seven piercings in one ear, and three in the other ear.

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The mother wrote she was “very shocked” at her daughter and is worried that she was influenced by peer pressure to get the multiple piercings. She also said she was worried about the hygrine of the piercings and how to get them removed.

However, the mother said her main concern now is “how easily my daughter was influenced by the older girls to do something so stupid.” The mother said she believes her daughter is too young to make the decision to make such a “permanent decision” and also wrote she believes her daughter may regret getting the piercings later on in life.

The mother wrote she is now considering banning her daughter from ever seeing the neighbour’s daughter even again, but is hesitant to do so seeing as the two girls are good friends. She took to the internet forum and asked if breaking up the friendship is a good idea, and what should she do about her daughter’s new alternative look.

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The comment section of the post has spawned hundreds of comments as people are shocked about the sleepover chaos. 

One user said they “literally gasped out loud” when they read the daughter now had seven piercings in one ear. Another person wrote: “She went in with two piercings and came back with ten??? Done by teens? Not okay at all.”

A fellow mother’s reaction to the story in the comments was: “Holy cow…holy cow…how cow…I’d be livid! And I would be removing [the piercings] immediately. I’m just in shock… definitely keep her away from the older girls. Tell her if she has poor judgment again, she will not be spending time with her long-time friend.”

Another commentator was concerned about peer pressure. They wrote: “Do all of the other girls also have seven to 10 new piercings from this gathering? If not, then they were absolutely taking advantage of her as she is younger.”

A commentator wrote they did “not want to be that person” but would be concerned about the age difference between all the girls. They wrote: “11 and 13/14/15 is a pretty significant developmental age gap. Hanging out with kids that are much older than her (and unsupervised) could not only put her at risk of more foolery like this but also some abusive/inappropriate situations.”

Somebody else was concerned about infection and urged the mother to take the daughter to a doctor. One user wrote: “From a hygiene standpoint, DO NOT REMOVE THEM without medical supervision. If you remove them and one or more turns out to be infected, it’ll trap the infection and get worse.”

One user asked about the neighbours, and asked: “How about the 13-year-old’s parents? Where were they when their middle-school-age daughter was participating in unsafe bloodletting activities under their roof?”

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