Optical illusion promises to determine how charitable you are


A new personality test has taken TikTok by storm after determining who is charitable of heart and who is full of charisma.

The optical illusion comes from TikTok star Mia Yilin, who presented her followers with an image depicting both a woman playing the saxophone and a man’s face.

Yilin has built a following of more than 450,000 followers on the platform thanks to the accuracy of her mind analyses, and her latest post is no exception.

The optical illusion has gone viral after supposedly telling if your presence is attractive to others or whether you are naturally a good conversationalist.

“If you first saw the large face then you possess a strong sense of empathy and compassion,” explained Yilin. “This is why people normally come to you when they’re in need.

“Your nurturing nature extends not only to people but also to animals and the environment.”

Offering some advice, Yilin reminded these people of the importance of boundary-setting.

“Remember to balance your giving nature, with self-care as you deserve the same love and attention you give to others with self-care,” she said.

Meanwhile, those who saw the woman playing the saxophone are likely to have an attractive presence that makes you magnetic to others.

“Your charisma and genuine interest in others makes you a genuine conversationalist,” she added. “However, be mindful of your own need, for solitude and recharge time and constant social interactions can drain your energy.”

The personality test resonated profoundly with viewers, having garnered more than 19,700 within the hours of being shared online.

Yilin’s comment section was also quick to fill with praising comments, as one viewer wrote: “Thank you you nailed it for me.”

“Why is it that every single time I choose the second one and end up having to wait,” wrote a second commentator.

A third person said: “I saw the face and women too. & Very true.”

Another commentator chimed: “You the best Mia.”


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