Optical illusion ‘so true’ as it shows whether you’re kind or jealous


An optical illusion shared on social media vows it could reveal hidden traits of your personality and how others in your circle perceive you.

The image show a distorted art piece depicting two elements at its centre; a woman and baby duo, and another figure shaped like a tree.

The owner of the clip, Mia Yilin, challenged her 457,000 followers to take note of which component they see first in the mind-bending piece.

“If the first thing you saw was the woman and her baby then that means you are a super gentle person,” explains the content creator.

“You hate conflicts so you try to avoid them whenever possible. You rarely get angry but if someone insults your loved one, then you are unable to control your fury.”

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Mia reckons these people are the nicest person in their friend group and are often seen of as the ‘mom’ or the ‘dad’ of the circle.

“You’re also super kind and would put everything down to help someone if they need it,” she added.

Meanwhile, if you saw the man in the tree first this could mean you’re a jealous person and do not like to see others doing better than you in life.

“But you’d never do anything to bring them down,” added the TikToker. “You love to set goals for yourself but have difficulty reaching them.

On the bright side, these people are generally very outgoing and known as the social butterfly of the group. What’s more, people often confide in them about their secrets because they know they can trust you.”

Viewers were impressed with these analyses, with many claiming the content creator has described their personality very accurately.

One person exclaimed: “I SAW THE BABY AND THE WOMAN AND IT SOOO TRUE”, while a second viewer quipped: “I saw the woman and baby… it’s very accurate.”

Many others echoed these comments while others pondered how the content creator could possibly know so much about her viewers.


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