Plenty compared to Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons kitchen roll

Kitchen rolls

Plenty and Regina, with supermarket own-brand kitchen rolls (Image: Reach plc)

With the cost of living crisis continuing to take its toll on people’s wallets, consumers are now often switching from name brands to supermarket own alternatives.

This is a simple way to reduce shopping bills – and supermarkets typically give big brands a run for their money.

So far, has pitted HP Sauce, Walkers Crisps, Heinz Beanz, and McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes against their supermarket counterparts.

However, this time wanted to do something a little different and venture away from food, turning our attention to kitchen roll.

We have heard from various people that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to kitchen roll, but is that really the case?

We purchased Plenty and Regina Blitz and pitted them against Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Morrisons.

For our test, we poured cordial onto a plate and counted how many kitchen roll sheets it took to wipe up and how each brand fared.

Here is how we got on:

Regina Blitz

Regina Blitz (Image: Reach plc)

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Regina Blitz

Regina Blitz costs a whopping £3 for 100 sheets, so I had high hopes.

At first glance, the sheets are the largest of the bunch and are blue, whereas the others are white.

These “supersized” sheets are triple-layered, which really helped when wiping up the spillage—so much so, it only took one to wipe the plate dry.

I was really impressed with how well it absorbed the liquid; it held it well and did not drip afterwards.


Plenty kitchen roll

Plenty kitchen roll (Image: Reach plc)


Next up is perhaps the most famous kitchen roll brand?

Every time I hear the word, the tagline from its advert plays in my head.

It costs £2.70 for a 100-sheet roll.

The two-ply sheets are not as big as Regina; they are a similar size to the supermarket own-brands, though noticeably thicker.

Now, the moment of truth, how many sheets will I need to use to mop up the spillage?

Well, they were not lying; one sheet does plenty, at least in my particular test.

It stayed strong, maybe even more so than Regina, and it held the liquid well, not dripping afterwards.


Sainsbury's kitchen roll

Sainsbury’s kitchen roll (Image: Reach plc)


It costs £1.20 for Sainsbury’s 240-sheet jumbo roll, significantly less than the name brands.

However, does that mean their quality is significantly worse? Let us see.

While the sheets are similar in size to Plenty, they are not as thick.

Sainsbury’s disappointed me; it took three sheets to wipe up the spillage, and they struggled to hold the liquid, dripping quite a lot afterwards.


Aldi kitchen roll

Aldi kitchen roll (Image: Reach plc)


Come on, Aldi, you usually win at these comparison pieces.

I purchased the 240-sheet jumbo roll from Aldi for £1.19.

The sheets are slightly thicker than Sainsbury’s, but I was feeling more positive this time around.

Aldi did a good job; it took two sheets to mop up the spillage.

However, it held onto the liquid and did not drip afterwards.

For the amount of sheets you get and at that price, I would say that is impressive.


Tesco kitchen roll

Tesco kitchen roll (Image: Reach plc)


I picked up Tesco’s 240-sheet jumbo roll for £1.19.

It has the thinnest joint sheets, along with Morrisons.

Upon wiping up the spillage, the sheets fell apart, and it was a mess.

That being said, I still managed to wipe up the liquid with two sheets.


Morrisons kitchen roll

Morrisons kitchen roll (Image: Reach plc)


It costs £1.19 for Morrisons’ 240-sheet jumbo roll.

There is not much to say really, the end result is similar to the others.

It took two sheets to mop up the spillage and it dripped afterwards.


Watch the ‘Juan Sheet’ Plenty advert


Spending more on kitchen roll definitely gets you better quality.

However, Aldi does a good job in the budget kitchen roll department.

You can save yourself a couple of pounds by opting for Aldi’s kitchen roll, and while it may take a couple of sheets to wipe up your spillage, you are getting 240 sheets rather than 100.


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