Primark bag ‘hack they don’t want you to know about’ – TikTok comedian shares his trick

TikTok comedian Eray Beyi (@eraybeyi) divulged his “little-known” hack to get a Primark bag that he says a lot of people “don’t know exists”. On top of that, the jokey hack could actually help you to save some money along the way.  Eray decided to share “the Primark hack they don’t want you to know about” after a video his wife posted of him coming home with a certain Primark bag left viewers questioning.

“Ipek posted a video of me coming back from Primark and everyone was pointing out the bag saying: ‘I’ve never seen that bag before. How did you get that bag?'” he said.

“So, I thought I would break down how to get that bag because a lot of people don’t know about this. A lot of people have seen the small bag that you get when you’re buying a few bits – sunglasses, hair bands, scrunchies. You’ve also seen the big bags that everyone usually gets.

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“Let’s face it, it doesn’t go with your colour scheme anyway. All you need to do is just buy the things you went into Primark for originally.”

The comedy “hack” has received over 1,000 comments, with viewers applauding the humour of the video, and other’s saying it could also be a “money-saving” hack. A viewer named Aidan said: “Hey Eray, good to know. Thank you. That’s a really great cost-of-living crisis buster. “

Another commenter named Cally added: “I got this bag the other day actually only got four things! [I] was very proud of myself.” [SIC] Others said the hack was almost impossible. A TikTok user posting under the handle @mumoftwins_23 said: “I didn’t know you could go into Primark and only buy 4 items, not sure that’s humanly possible.”

Another user named Cherry said: “That’s never going to happen. I went in for socks and spent £123.” Previously, another TikTok user and Primark employee Chelsea shared a hack to ensure your fitting room is more secure. In a video that has had 3.8M views on the app and over 48K “likes”, Chelsea asked viewers: “Have you ever noticed those hooks in the Primark fitting room?”

She explained the hooks are there, “so you can try on without worrying someone will open the curtain.”

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