Prince Harry and Meghan Markle inspiring royals with their ‘carefully branded’ persona


For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, social media was a cornerstone of their exit from their roles as working royals. The couple announced their plan to leave their roles behind on their carefully curated “Sussex Royal” Instagram page, now closed down.

The social media page featured glossy images of the couple meeting with figures like British Vogue editor Edward Enninful and US singer John Bon Jovi.

Now largely using their Archwell website to communicate with fans, the couple’s sleek website with a grey colour scheme and editorial style shots of the couple is a stylish, sleek, and professional platform for the pair.

According to a PR expert, the Sussex’s focus on their social media persona and their “brand” has inspired other royals including the likes of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.

The ex-wife of Prince Andrew, often referred to as “Fergie”, has revamped her Instagram to mimic the stylish, glossy feel of the Russex Royal account.

The Duchess is using the account to promote her new novel, A Most Intriguing Lady, as well as to share her photoshoots with People Magazine and highlight interviews with the likes of Radio 2’s Rylan Clarke.

According to Adeline St John, the Digital Director for a PR firm, Sarah is embracing a regency theme on her Instagram – perhaps inspired by Bridgerton. Shots show the duchess reading in a garden and setting up chintzy tablescapes in lavish ballrooms.

The expert said it’s “likely that Sarah and her team looked to Sussex Royal for some Instagram inspiration”.

Adeline said: “The green colour scheme fits with her profile’s Regency theme.”

The green theme is not just for the Instragram. Adeline said it “extends to the linktree in her bio, her Twitter and Facebook pages, and also the promotional material for her book. Sarah is establishing herself as a professional author with a consistent, cohesive brand behind her and her work.”

The expert said: “She is following a similar standard through her own green story highlights, which are much like the consistent blue theme of SussexRoyal.

“Sarah’s carefully considered, professional approach is more in keeping with the royal standard.”

“For example, the now-defunct SussexRoyal page, which was carefully branded with official photography, charity appeals, and well-planned content.

“SussexRoyal’s engagement with awareness days (such as #WorldWildlifeDay) may well have inspired content such as Sarah’s #womenshistorymonth post.”


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