Princess Beatrice stuns in favourite dress but some fans ‘would pay to never see it again’


The Princess was photographed arriving at Daikin Centre, in West Kensington, London, for the launch of the BBC Earth Experience, a new interactive event that explores the natural world across the seven continents. For the occasion, Princess Beatrice recycled her long navy dress from The Vampire’s Wife.

The Vampire’s Wife Corduroy Festival Dress retails for £795 and is one of Princess Beatrice’s favourites, she has worn it several times and owns it in different colours.

The designer explained that the gown in “midnight jumbo corduroy” features a slim-fitting bodice, a three-quarter length skirt and a crisply pleated hem panel.

“Sleeves are finished with neatly pleated cuffs. Centre-back concealed zip closure. Lined in 100 percent silk crepe,” the website’s description read.

Beatrice combined the dress with a pair of black boots and a couple of her favourite bracelets, and opted for keeping her hair loose around her shoulder.

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She wore a very minimal make-up look and no jewellery at all, apart from her discreet silver bracelets.

Royal watchers took to the social media platform Instagram to share their thoughts on the royal look with many suggesting she has worn this same dress too many times. For instance, @esra_zen said: “How many versions of this dress are there?!”

“Every royal and celeb have different versions of this dress, getting tired,” they added, and Instagram user @austy_spumante agreed.

They claimed: “This dress is nice enough but I would literally pay money to never see it or its other versions again.”

Instagram user @scmurphy17 commented: “This looks amazing on her. It’s almost like she’s the muse for Vampire Wife’s designs – fabulous look on her!”

Another one, @royal_unicorn_wisperer, said: “She looks amazing!! I think this is one of her best looks.” Royal watcher @kelly9.glenn commented: “Will never get bored of Self-Portrait and the Vampire’s Wife dresses.”

“I love this dress in all colours on anyone who wears it. It looks absolutely fabulous on all body types,” added @oyalpopculture.

Some, however, criticised that she didn’t accessorise the dress with enough pieces of jewellery.

One user, @natalia.vasquezv.r, commented: “Imagine all the jewellery she has (or has access to) and she doesn’t ever wear a pair of earrings.”

A royal fan replied explaining that Princess Beatrice’s “ears are not pierced so limited earrings that she can wear” and another one added that Beatrice “has never been fond of wearing lots of jewellery” in public.

Princess Beatrice went to The BBC Earth Experience last night, “an unforgettable journey through the natural world exploring the unique and extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents on the most epic scale”.

Through an inversive experience, and featuring David Attenborough’s voice, people can enjoy footage and music from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit television series Seven Worlds, One Planet, projected on multi-screens. Tickets for the event can be purchased for £32.50 on the official website.


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