Queen Camilla’s gesture suggests ‘sense of relief’ at first event since title announcement


Body language expert Judi James analysed Camilla’s non-verbal communication on the day after the announcement of her official title “Queen Camilla”. Buckingham Palace released the Coronation invite earlier this week, which referred to her as “Queen Camilla” and confirmed her title for the first time.

Judi opined that there is a “faint sense of relief in Camilla’s body language signals here” as she appeared in public for the first time since the announcement of her “Queen Camilla” title.

“Stepping forward to bend low and greet this small child with eye contact and a delighted smile she suddenly looks much more confident.”

Judi claimed that Camilla also looked “at ease” and added that she “has shucked off the slightly wary, hesitant look she has worn in the past”.

When observing both King Charles and Camilla as a couple, the body language guru commented that “here we have a sea-change in the body language pecking order, too”.

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“Charles is waiting behind his wife with one hand stuffed in his pocket as though keen to allow her to take a starring role rather than forging ahead in the spotlight as he has tended to do for years,” she claimed.

Queen Camilla looked more confident than ever while chatting with the children today but this is not something royal fans often get to see.

In fact, Camilla has been compared to Princess Diana many times due to the late Princess of Wales’s “authentic and spontaneous” approach with small children.

Body language expert Judi commented that Camilla, on the other hand, always “tended to keep a distance”.

Judi claimed that Camilla “has had a less easy induction into her relationship with the public and, unlike Diana, she looks much less comfortable taking a decisive and active approach when it comes to the small children she meets on royal visits”.

“Her body language role model seems to be the Queen rather than Diana, meaning we can see her smiling, laughing and even waving at children but with a much more hands-off approach.”

According to the body language guru, Camilla “tends to look slightly wary with children, happy to meet them and happy to chat but with no signs of decisive action when it comes to more tactile or levelling behaviours.

“Where Diana might react spontaneously, disregarding royal tradition to behave in a way that she felt was both natural and important, Camilla tends to mirror her husband more and take her lead from him, which is a much less tactile approach.”


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