Spring horoscope: ‘Some signs will fare better than others’ this March, says astrologer


Alison said: “Now comes the opportunity for personal growth. A lot of changes from March onwards. Compassion, spiritual beliefs, love and your version of reality are all tested in various ways to improve your wisdom and strength. Time to have a clear-out and set out your stall for the future. All good stuff.”


For Aries, the astrologer suggested turning your yearning and longing into something “magical”. To do this, she recommended, “laying down your fighting spirit and giving yourself up to the river’s flow”. Switch off the daily chatter and call a halt to decision-making. Listen to your soul’s rarely-heard, quiet voice. Pause for reflection and resume normality in April.


There are demands for change early this month, but you should hold a steady boat until March 16, according to Alsion. She said: “This is when things will turn your way and romance becomes the main theme. If you are in a relationship, then recapture old memories with walks in nature, delicious shared food, sensuality, and that perfume. If you are single and looking, try all of the above after March 16.”


Fortunately, you have the right environment to take on that big writing task and make a success of it. Your usual boredom is contained and you have the stamina to stick at it, said Alison. She suggested trying to get it finished before April because you will want more of a “leisurely, garden and tea shop time after that”.

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