Tesla’s ‘Holiday Update’ adds Steam games and Apple Music

Tesla’s new “Holiday Update” adds a few long-awaited new features, including the ability to play games from Steam in your car and support for Apple Music.

Tesla already offers a bunch of games for owners like Cuphead and Stardew Valley, and the official addition of Steam doesn’t come as a total surprise, as CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company was “making progress” with a Steam integration in July. But now that Steam for Tesla is finally here, owners could have a lot more games available to them.

Steam isn’t the only major app coming to Teslas; the company’s cars are finally getting Apple Music as well. The app had reportedly appeared in a Model S in a museum exhibit last month, and now it’s officially rolling out as part of an official Tesla release.

The Holiday Update includes a lot of other features, too. An upgraded light show mode lets you schedule a show that will appear across multiple vehicles at the same time. The company put out a pretty ridiculous video to show it off:

Update December 14th, 2:56AM ET: Steam is reportedly available in S and X vehicles from 2022 or newer with 16GB of RAM.

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