Toothpaste hack for cleaning tile grout leaves it ‘as good as new’


A man has turned to TikTok to reveal his cheap method for cleaning stubborn grout stains, which he claims will leave your tiles looking brand new.

While many people focus on their weekly cleaning routines, such as scrubbing kitchen counters, bathroom cleaning, and changing bed linens, the task of cleaning tile grout is often neglected.

Stubborn grout can, however, significantly impact the appearance of your floors.

To simplify people’s lives, one man shared his “toothpaste trick” for restoring discolored tile grout.

In his TikTok video, username @the_gooch, he demonstrates how to apply toothpaste along the grout lines, gently scrub with a toothbrush, and then wipe it away to reveal clean and sharp grout lines.

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He says: “You are going to thank me for this budget-friendly grout cleaning trick.

Take a tube of toothpaste, spread the toothpaste along the grout line, grab your toothbrush and just scrub aggressively into the grout line, and then take a damp cloth and wipe it away.

“Once the grout is dry, it’ll be as good as new. You’re welcome.”

One user commented on the video: “I’m going to give it a go – wish me luck.” Another said: “That is a good difference.”

But others believed there is an easier and more affordable way of cleaning grout from tiles.

One user said: “Bleach – cheaper.”

Another user added: “Toilet bowl cleaner does the same thing.” Meanwhile, a third said: “Toilet bowl cleaner works best.”

It comes after a professional cleaner, known as @maidbynature on TikTok, shared a clever 10-second solution for cleaning those tricky areas around heavy appliances like fridges without the need to move them.

In her video, she acknowledges her hesitation to move her fridge, recording the dirt accumulation beneath and around it.

However, she devised a method to remove dirt, grime, and food residues without the risk of straining her back.

She used a gap duster to sweep up the crumbs, hair, and dirt under and around the appliance – and even tacked under the washing machine too.

She said: “I can get into that little crevice beside the fridge and wait until you see what I pull out from underneath there.”

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