William ‘under pressure’ in Wales – but Kate is ‘confident’

Due to their titles, Prince William and Princess Kate are traditionally obliged to support the Welsh in the rugby, but tensions seem to often run high in Wales whenever the Royal Family are present. Some in Wales have demonstrated that they do not want the couple to hold their titles, while others have welcomed the royals with open arms.

According to body language expert Judi James, it seemed William was treading carefully in Cardiff on Saturday, February 25.

She said: “There was a lot riding on this controversy-mired appearance at the Wales v England rugby match, and there are certain hints from William’s subliminal body language behaviour that suggest he may have felt under pressure to get the right messages across.”

Kate, however, was almost the opposite of her husband – she seemed confident and her laughter “unforced” and “natural”.

Judi continued: “Kate’s confidence signals look impeccable here and she did appear to be taking the lead and the initiative at certain points with some at least one hosting-like hand gestures to steer her husband towards their hosts.

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“The pose suggests he is paying homage to the men and offering his respect.

“The men appear to be making William laugh here and although his smile looks wide enough to be an overkill ritual his rounded, raised cheeks give a very strong clue that his laugh and his smile are genuine, if exaggerated.”

In the royal box, Judi claimed that William again looked less confident than Kate.

She continued: “In the stands there are some non-verbal hints that William might be over-aware that he is the centre of some scrutiny-style attention.

“Kate’s body language fits with the group norm as she looks ahead in the same direction as people around her, with a similar closed-lip smile.

“But William looks upward with a wary-looking facial expression, while his hand on the back of his neck suggests some possible anxiety.

“When they sing the anthems, both have their mouths open in the same shape as the people in the stands around them, which can be a sign of singing all the words rather than miming or pretending.

“William has added a puckered brow to his rendition, suggesting a desire to signal passion and serious commitment.”

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