Woman told she isn’t ‘hot enough to expect a free meal’ on nightmare date


A woman has gone viral after seemingly capturing the awkward moment her date suggested she was unworthy of his money because of her looks.

Winta Zesu was on a date in New York City when the unseen man began slating her with wildly rude comments, according to the viral clip.

The 22-year-old, who lives and works in New York, appears to have staged the interaction to make a point about the dating scene in the Big Apple.

The Instagram video shows the influencer enjoying her food while her date confronts her about her looks and intentions to pay for the meal.

He starts by commenting on how she’s eating, accusing her of going “too quickly” before sarcastically noting that “the food is not going anywhere”.

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The man, who is off camera throughout the entire clip, then continues to say: “I feel like you’re just eating and then gonna leave.”

Later on in the video, the date is heard asking Zesu to slide her credit card under the table so he can use it to pay for the meal.

The influencer has made headlines on several occasions in the past year for posting videos of her painfully awkward interactions with strangers at restaurants, with many suggesting the scenes are faked.

Some viewers were genuinely appalled by the interaction, however. One wrote: “Dude just unloaded 1 ½ years worth of relationship toxicity and manipulations in one date. How sad.”

Another quipped: “I hope it’s staged. I would’ve embarrassed him in front of everyone. EVERYONE. I would’ve thrown water in his face and laughed and danced around him.

“I know this is a stage (bc the gue is broadcasting he’s a red flag way too quick) but still maddening,” said a third person.

One person warned: “I once went on a date where the guy told me this card did not work and that he would send me the money back but he never did lmao. To all girls out there, never pay for a dude if he is not your man. Total waste of money.”

Others praised Zesu for clapping back at her date. One comment read: “Boss moment ‘Can you stop talking I’m trying to eat.’ Absolutely assassination to his ego that was unfortunately necessary.”


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