Woman’s ‘quick and easy’ leg shaving hack – ‘I’ve been doing it wrong for 20 years’

TikTok creator Char who runs the page @charmakeupnz said she thinks she may have been shaving her legs the wrong way for years after discovering a “quick and easy” hack. The freelance makeup artist from Wellington, New Zealand, shared a video showing off her hack for speedy, smooth legs.

“I’ve just discovered the best leg-shaving hack,” she told her 3.6K followers. “Basically I’ve just realised I’ve been shaving my legs wrong for the last 20 years.”

The tip not only speeds up the shaving process, but also shaves on water, because Char actually turns off the shower while shaving rather than leaving it running.

She explained: “Instead of running the water the whole time and shaving a row and then rinsing it under the water…you shave a row, glide the razor down.

“The hairs get pushed out as you glide up and down your legs. It’s so much quicker and so much easier.”

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Shantelle wrote: “Been doing that for years.” Pam added: “Been doing that for years love it’s not a new thing.”

However, another user said: “Oh my God, that seems so dangerous.” Rather than requiring a special hack for a quick and easy shave, some users suggested investing in a new razor.

One user said: “Have you tried men’s razors before? They get so much closer and last longer than the ones marketed to women.”

A user named Sarah agreed, writing: “Always buy men’s razors. They are cheaper and better.”

A guide to the perfect shave according to Gillette Venus

Gillette’s experts recommend hydrating your legs before beginning to save. They suggest soaking your legs in a warm bath or shower for between three and five minutes to soften the hairs, which will, in turn, make shaving easier.

Next, apply a shaving gel. This will make sure your legs are moisturised and help the razor blade glide easily down. Using a gel will also help you to spot where you have already shaved, to avoid doing the same area twice.

Make sure your razor blade is sharp. It is recommended that you change your razor blades every two weeks.

Shave in long, steady strokes, making sure not to press down too hard on the skin. For the legs, follow the direction your hair grows. Be careful when shaving around bonier bras such as ankles and knees, and try bending your leg to keep this area of skin taut.

Straighten your leg when shaving the back of your thighs and remember to avoid pushing hard as this area can be prone to nicks.

Finally, finish off the process by moisturising your legs with a lotion or oil.

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