Daily habit that makes you look ‘younger’ in 10 mins or less – ‘see rewards immediately’

According to Mayo Clinic, a small study suggested that taking DHEA supplements might improve skin hydration and firmness, as well as decreasing aging spots in the elderly.

A 2000 study by Dr. Étienne-Émile Baulieu et al showed the positive effects of DHEA supplements to be increased sebum production, skin surface hydration, skin pigmentation and epidermal thickness.

Gillian’s next tip for younger looking skin was to drink enough water.

She explained: “We know how important hydration is to our skin to keep us looking youthful.

“Nobody wants dry and sallow looking skin so hydrate, make sure that you’re drinking or sipping on room temperature water throughout your day – two litres is about the average amount to keep your skin hydrated on a daily basis.

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