Dating real life story: Man accuses woman of catfishing & still wants her to stay on date

Amber is a weight loss coach on TikTok who gives people advice after she lost 160 pounds, on her account @alittlebit_amber. Recently, Amber told a dating horror story that took place before she lost weight of a man who was rude and accused her of misleading him after he drove her to a restaurant.

Amber said that she was thinking of all the “insane first dates” she went on before she lost weight and had this one was “the worst and shortest date” she ever went on. The TikToker showed a picture of herself because she lost weight and said she was “about 300 pounds.”

However, Amber said: “Don’t get it twisted I loved myself then, love myself now. I had a lot of self-confidence, and I lost weight for health reasons. I had confidence okay? It will be demonstrated in this story because men have one thing in common regardless of the size of your body, and that is audacity.”

Amber said her story takes place in 2016 when she “hit it off” with a guy from the dating website Plenty of Fish. She and the man began talking for a couple of weeks and had exchanged numbers.

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The weight-loss coach then assured the viewer that the man knew what she looked like before the date took place. Amber said: “Before all of the, ‘you probably catfished him’ people come into my comments, no I did not.

“I have several full body pictures of myself on my profile okay because again, I was not ashamed of who I was.”

Amber and her date decided to meet up despite there being an ice-storm on the day. The man insisted he still drove her to the restaurant and Amber was looking forward to the date. She said: “I put in all the effort, put on a very cute outfit, did my make-up, all the things.”

However, when the man showed up to the date, Amber was taken aback. She said: “This man shows up in what I can only describe as like a wannabe New York City kind of gangster outfit…I mean it was bad

“Slick track pants, a strained-ass hoodie, and little to no hair on his head. He was the catfish! But I’m an accepting person I’m like ‘okay you know we had good chemistry let’s just see how this date goes.’”

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Amber and the man went to wait for the table, and Amber tried to start a conversation as they had been talking for a few weeks. However, the man would not engage with her. She said: “I’m trying to make conversation with this man and he’s not giving me anything to work with. I’m like this is very freaking awkward.”

As they continued waiting for a table, the man asked Amber if she wanted to go outside and then confronted her outside the restaurant. Amber said: “He goes ‘so uh you really misled me here and uh you’re just really not who I thought you were and, like, this is not gonna work for me.’”

As she repeated his words “this is not gonna work for me”, Amber gestured to her own body, making it clear that is what the man was referring to.

The man still wanted to continue the date and have dinner, but Amber refused. She said: “I’m like why? Why would I want to stay? I just said ‘I’m good, I’m gonna go home.’”

The man then got mad that she did not want to stay. In the video, Amber said: “He was like ‘but I drove all the way here’ and I was like you can drive yourself back. The audacity.” In the caption of the video, Amber said: “As if I NEEDED to stay because I was fat!? You’re outta your rapidly balding but trying to cover it up mind!”

In another video, Amber said she immediately blocked the man’s number and never spoke to him again. She said: “No one, especially a man showing up to a date in a stained hoodie and slick track pants, is gonna disrespect me like that.”

Amber added: “One thing growing up in a fat body taught me was resilience. I spent so much of my life letting what other people thought about me or my body affect the way I felt about myself. When I turned 25 I just stopped that.”

People in the comments were shocked by what happened. One comment said: “He still wanted to have dinner with you after saying that to you?? And expected you to want to? What the hell?”

Somebody else said: “Guy had no class. Probably still alone!” while another user said: “I hope he sees this video haha.”

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