Heartbreak as dog ‘cries for help’ as her injured baby squeals on sidewalk


Dog rescuers have shared heart-wrenching footage of a mother crying for help as her puppy squeals in distress from a painful injury.

The TikTok clip, shared by the Dodo, shows the scene as it unravelled in India before helpers eventually stepped in to help.

The clip has gone viral with more than 701,000 likes and thousands of comments praising the mother’s efforts to find help for her baby.

It was moments before passersby lent a helping hand, with footage capturing the moment a Good Samaritan kneels to ease the puppy’s suffering.

“The mom had to stay behind to take care of the rest of her puppies,” a caption explained on the clip.

Rescuers eventually took the puppy under their wing and showered her with love and care until she bounced back to good health.

Once the dog had recovered she could finally be reunited with her family, with the video showing the pup’s parent wagging her tail with joy.

One user was impressed by the urgency of the mother as grappled to find her puppy help, writing: “My heart aches for every mom. No matter the species they all hurt for their babies.”

Another wrote: “The baby crying out in pain nought tears to my eyes.”

“I’m so glad they took the pup back to mum,” wrote another commentator, garnering thousands of likes.


The clip was sourced from @animalaid_india, whose Instagram account has racked up nearly half a million followers reporting on similar plights.

According to their page, the animal centre focuses their efforts on rescuing animals from the streets of Udaipur, Rajasthan, where dogs are frequently found in need of urgent medical attention.

There are an estimated 35 million stray dogs estimated to be living in India with charities like TOLFA also working relentlessly to help those in need of urgent medical care.

The rescue centre’s website states: “We provide rescued animals with the veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and the love they need. Once an animal has recovered at TOLFA they are returned to their original environment.”


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