Horoscope: New Moon is a time to ‘fine tune’ desires and plans – claims

new moon in a black sky in detail

A New Moon occurs 13 times a year – almost once a month (Image: Getty)

The New Moon will take place on June 18 at 4.37 and last until approximately 10pm on June 21.

Recognised as both the first and last phase in the lunar cycle, the phenomenon is often affiliated with new beginnings and a fresh start.

But according to Master Astrologer and author of the Llewellyn Sun Sign book, Lesley Francis, there is no blanket meaning of the New Moon that can be applied to each star sign. In fact, it varies between each one.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, she said: “Astrologically, it’s the Moon’s role to translate the Sun’s light. Thus, the connection between where the Sun is and where the Moon is on the day a person is born reveals a lot about character, temperament, and how that individual shows up and functions in the world.

“The lunar cycle begins with the New Moon and it provides a chance to create the focus for the upcoming Moon cycle. The New Moon is a time to operate at the moment, jump spontaneously into things, and fine-tune and hone your instinctual nature as a guide to the unknown.”

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The lunar cycle is significant in astrology for several reasons (Image: THE EXPRESS)

While many people believe they have no control over how astrological events impact their lives, Lesley claimed that it is possible to “use the New Moon energy during this whole period of time”, between June 18 and 21.

She explained: “The key to working with the New Moon is to set your intent (both short-term and long-term), identify and visualise what you desire, and make wishes (always the beginning of accomplishing any goal). This is not the phase of manifestation. It’s the phase of anticipation and newness and discovering the seeds waiting to be planted.”

Sharing her exclusive forecast for each of the 12 zodiac signs, Lesley revealed what’s in store during the New Moon phase.


The astrologer claimed that those born under Aries will have “no shortage of ideas, thoughts and plans”. She urged: “Play with the strong urge to talk and get insight and perspective from others. Be content with initiating things in your head. But know that this is not time for physical action.”

Astrology infographic

Astrologers consider the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars (Image: THE EXPRESS)


Those who identify with the Taurus sign may undergo a “major overhaul” of their personal values. Lesley claimed that “new opportunities” will arise to expand both life and one’s wider world, but “all in a good way” that should be embraced.


The astrologer said: “Mentally and physically, you can’t sit still. So, write stuff down. Otherwise, all those crazy, wonderful inklings will disappear. Relax. You don’t have to act on them now. Just preserve them so you have a starting point.”


Those born under this zodiac sign should “expect a lot of dreaming”, according to Lesley. She urged: “Embrace the creative door that is opening. It gives you the chance to formulate the next steps and put into words – at least for yourself – what your deepest desires are. Something that’s not been easy lately.”


Leo will have a full heart during the New Moon phase, though of what, they may not be sure. The astrologer said: “Take this time to remember that your heart holds only love. Anything else is a distraction. So, move your brain and all those questions aside and just feel that love. It will remind you who you are and that you are, in fact, whole.”


Lesley reassured Virgo that “it’s okay to seek recognition”. She explained: ” Yes, hard work is a reward in itself but you want more and you deserve more. Time to step outside your comfort zone and voice all those wonderful, creative ideas forever bouncing around inside you. It will bring a major, unexpected opportunity.”


Those who feel unsatisfied with the “same old” should know that “life is going to get shinier”, but only when they give themselves permission to strike out in a new direction, claimed Lesley. She warned: “You don’t need to know the end result – that is not a known quantity right now. Just choose a new path and take that first step.”


The astrologer said: “Time to plug into your inner power source. And then get out your inner vacuum cleaner. A lot of new, wondrous visions and ideas are waiting to be discovered, but first, you have to get off all the mental and emotional detritus clogging up your transmission lines. Reignite your passion.”


Lesley urged Sagittarius to “cherish the people in their life”. She elaborated: “This gives you the opportunity to appreciate, not just what they’ve brought to your life but what they’ve shown you about who are. Bringing with it an abundance of optimism and an infusion of anticipation and enthusiasm. The fuel of your life. So be ready.”


According to Lesley, This New Moon is a time to set aside all the plans for one simple objective. She urged: “Take time for yourself. Your circuits are on overload. Maybe you don’t see. But it’s true. Play. Rest. Laugh. Trust that all will be well.”


The astrologer suggested “joining the part” to “lighten your mood and jump-start some major revisions in your plans going forward”. She suggested that those born under Aquarius should “relax” and reboot to add that “elusive missing piece for which you’ve been searching”. She said: “Celebrate. Things percolate from there.”


The astrologer warned: “Take care of your home. And not just your physical one. Your inner one needs a little attention. It’s accumulated a lot of worn-out thoughts, emotions, and judgements about who you are that stand in the way of a new chapter in your life. Start the clean up and you’ll find new sprouts already growing.”

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