Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for June 22


You know your limits. That’s why you aren’t setting your sights too high. You have a realistic idea of what you can achieve and you are on target towards this goal. If you are certain something can be accomplished, you will be right.


It’s pretty hard to see a way through a contentious situation. Various people are still at loggerheads with each other. Some reject a deal. Others back the offer. Even if something is voted through, the question is: will those who object want to continue to vote against it?


Joint financial matters will be the cause of some dispute. Someone has been spending money with no thought of tomorrow. Remain calm whenever the subject arises in conversation. Agreeing on a new budget will slowly make a difference. Steady effort will yield some financial gain.


Going along with the same routines is not giving you the same feeling of pleasure and contentment it used to do. Neither does sticking with what other people expect of you. Arranging new routines will inspire you to be more spontaneous.


It may have seemed like a good idea initially to join forces with others in order to get started on a creative project. Now that things are underway, everyone has different ideas. You might wish you had decided to get on with this alone.


You aren’t the only one who could do with a holiday. Discuss it with your family and you might discover that they too are longing for a change. Some great on-line bargains are to be had and before you know it, a dream will start looking like it could become reality.


Your mind keeps wandering as you dream about happier things to come. This is all very well if you have nothing important to do. If on the other hand you are working, you may have to pull your thoughts together and concentrate on the job at hand.


Resist the urge to agree on booking an expensive outing or holiday with friends. Finances will cause contention within the family when someone is being frivolous while ignoring the fact that money is needed for more essential purposes.


It may be necessary to approach a marriage or business partner for help in a matter you just can’t handle on your own. This is not a sign of weakness. They will be glad to be there for you and as a team you will overcome this hurdle.


Circumstances will have an impact on physical or mental health. Your employer will be empathic to your situation. Where you anticipated encountering discrimination, you will get support and understanding. Important subjects will be discussed in the home and workplace.


You express your views with grace and charm. Your confidence shines. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to take a leading role in a volunteer effort or to organise a fundraiser. Getting involved in a community effort will be a great use of your time.


The understanding you are hoping to find is unlikely to be shown from your family and friends. In fact, you will only find compassion under C in the dictionary at this time. You could do with choosing activities and pastimes that uplift and cheer you.

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