How to look young: 4 anti-ageing tips shared by incredibly youthful 40-year-old

TikTok user Juli Herrignton looks incredible for her 40 years. She shared her “four tips to youthful skin”. The content creator, who shares her makeup tips on her account @mamajherrington.

Her four tips are relatively simple, and she disclosed all to her followers. She said: “The question I get asked all the time is ‘why is your skin so youthful?’

“I have four tips that really helped and so I’m going to share those with you. The first tip is, I use good skincare. It’s not about the makeup and I say that over and over. It’s not about the makeup, it’s about what you have on your skin underneath.”

The second tip is a common one but is absolutely essential for preserving your skin. Juli said: “Number two is, to always use sunscreen. Always, no matter if it’s sunny or not. Always wear your sunscreen. It matters.”

Rays from the sun are clinically proven to cause not only ageing but skin damage. This damage can result in cancer, so always keep your skin protected from the sun.

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“Three,” Juli went on, “I drink a lot of water. I feel like your skin shows that if you drink a lot of water, it shows it. The fourth one, and it’s going to be the kicker, I don’t drink alcohol. I feel like if you put toxins in your body, it shows and so I do not drink alcohol and I think that that really truly shows on your skin.”

How does alcohol affect the skin?

Alcohol has a number of effects on the skin, some of which could make you look older. The main factor is that alcohol dehydrates the skin. When the skin is dehydrated it looks less vibrant and wrinkled or can look puffy. Alcohol can also make some skin problems worse, including rosacea and psoriasis.

It can also leave eyes feeling dry, which may affect their appearance. If you are drinking, it’s important to drink lots of water too.

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Another content creator recently detailed how to “trick the eye into thinking you are younger” with her anti-aging makeup hacks. Nicole Burant is a content creator who focuses on “mature skin beauty tips and building women up.”

She said: “Okay ladies, let’s talk looking younger. I have four tips for you. If you do these you will trick the eye into thinking you are younger than you are.”

Nicole said: “The first is you need to shape and define your brows. If you are blessed with very full, dark brows, you don’t need to fill them but you still want to shape them. If you’re like me and you have a lot of sparseness, you want to also fill them because it immediately gives you a more youthful frame to your face.”

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