How to look younger: mum’s anti-aging makeup hacks

Nicole Burant is a content creator who focuses on “mature skin beauty tips and building women up.” She posts her tips and tricks on her TikTok account @momswhomakeup1, where she has 13K followers.

She shared her makeup tips to look younger with her followers and other TikTok users. The mum shared some clever tricks to make you look younger, including where to put blusher and how to place concealer.

She said: “Okay ladies, let’s talk looking younger. I have four tips for you. If you do these you will trick the eye into thinking you are younger than you are.”

Makeup tricks to look younger

Address the brows

Nicole said: “The first is you need to shape and define your brows. If you are blessed with very full, dark brows, you don’t need to fill them but you still want to shape them. If you’re like me and you have a lot of sparseness, you want to also fill them because it immediately gives you a more youthful frame to your face.”

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Be clever with concealer

“Tip number two,” Nicole said, “you’re going to place your concealer on the inner corner of your eye and the outer corner of your eye. You’re going to make sure to use your concealer brush to really dab that inner corner concealer right up into that part next to your eye and your eyeshadow that you’ve put on.

“This is really going to highlight that inner area and cover any darkness that you have. And then when you do your outer corner, make sure that you blend upwards it’s going to create a lift and create an illusion of youth because it’s going to draw the eye up.”

Place blush properly

In Nicole’s tip number three the expert said: “Blush placement is super important. So, when you’re at the point of your makeup routine when you’re putting on your blush, do not go anywhere near the apples of your cheeks.

“I mean, that was for your 20s. Now in our 30s, 40s, and up, we’re taking our blush and we’re putting it towards the upper part of our cheekbone and just angling it up as if we’re going towards the temple. This is again going to create that illusion face is being pulled upwards.”

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Fake a glow

“Tip number four,” Nicole said, “when we’re younger skin has a natural luminosity to it and we need to seek that. So you’re going to take your highlighter and you’re going to apply it down the middle of your nose, right to the tip.

“Put a bit on your cheekbone at the very top of it, a little bit to your cupid’s bow and I also like to put the little bit right above my arch as well. Again, all of this is creating a more appearance to your skin, which of course makes us look younger.”

Another content creator has also shared their top makeup tips to look younger and some mistakes that might be ageing you.  Cortney Spencer said there are three common “mistakes” which she regularly sees people making.

“The first thing that I see a lot of people doing is still creating this triangle (with concealer or foundation) under the eye,” she said. “That is way too much product. The skin underneath your eye is some of the fastest ageing skin on your face.”

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