How to look younger: Plastic surgeon advises against ageing exercise

Dr Imber is a plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable about what can prevent or accelerate ageing. On his TikTok account @geraldimbermd. The expert has taken the internet by storm with his advice on which exercises can make you age faster as his video has almost 3 million views.

Dr Imber said he had given this piece of advice to his patients, and laughed while saying “Half my patients love me for it, half my patients hate me for it”. He said that running extensively is one exercise that can age people’s faces.

The surgeon noted that some running is okay, and said: “it’s perfectly fine to run a little bit every day or run a couple of miles a few times a week” but anything more can have an effect on the face according to the ageing expert.

He asked: “Have you ever seen a long-distance, long-time runner that didn’t have a gaunt, old face” and added: “That’s what happens.”

According to Dr Imber, running a lot not only affects your facial appearance but can also have health effects on your body. He said: “Your knees go, your ankles go, [and] your back goes, it’s kind of dumb.”

However, there are major health benefits to running, and the doctor said that running – like all exercises – should be done in moderation. He said: “If you want to run a little bit, terrific, but no impact or low impact aerobics is really the way to get your exercise.”

On TikTok, some people took to Dr Imber’s comment section and celebrated the advice not to run, as one person said: “You don’t have to tell me twice!” Another user commented: “Yes I noticed how gaunt runners and long-distance bicyclists as well.”

One woman named Elizabeth said: Personal trainer here. I completely agree with you.” while another person said: “I walk on an incline, best cardio ever.”

However, somebody else was disappointed by being advised not to run, and said: Oh no!!!! That’s my go-to for most days…I love running.”

If you are someone that enjoys running, another expert has said running does no specifically cause your face to age, but more to do with sun exposure.

Dr Kiya Movassaghi is a plastic surgeon who has said the combination of having a lean body and long-term sun exposure can lead to a gaunt look. He said: “Slim gardeners, skiers, construction workers, surfers, sailors, tennis players, cyclists, golfers — the list could go on — often have the same characteristics.”

While speaking to Healthline, the plastic surgeon explained: “People are simply confusing causation with correlation. What we call ‘runner’s face’ does indeed often correlate with a runner’s body type and lifestyle, but running does not specifically cause one to have a gaunt face.”

Dr Kiya Movassaghi said that ‘runner’s face’ is caused he a loss of volume and skin elasticity, and said: “As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, and exposure to UV rays speeds this process.”

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