Meghan Markle did not have ‘genuine friendship’ with Kate Middleton – claims

After stepping down as senior royals and relocating to the US, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship with the Royal Family has been very different. But once upon a time they were at the centre of the royal circle.

Body language expert Judi James previously spoke exclusively to about what she thinks were some of Meghan’s more difficult relationships within the Royal Family.

Commenting on Meghan’s relationships “pre fractures and rifts”, Judi pointed out one relationship the public were particularly interested in.

She revealed that “the most recorded relationship was between Kate and Meghan”.

“Everyone assumed for no good reason that they would become close friends and that Meghan would be absorbed into the trio of Harry, William and Kate happily and willingly.”

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The two brothers and their wives were even affectionately dubbed the ‘Fab Four’ at one point.

However, Judi suggested that Meghan did not enter into this group with great ease.

She also claimed that what we saw of the relationship between Meghan and sister-in-law Kate perhaps did not meet the eye.

“There are numerous photos of the two women looking like the best of pals.


“But many appear to be ‘signal’ poses, i.e. performances intended to stop rumours of a rift rather than signals of any authentic friendship.

“Both would look polite up until the point of no return, which is when the frost would begin to appear but polite smiles and the odd giggle from Meghan do not guarantee genuine, behind-the-scenes warmth.”

But what about the dynamic between Meghan and Kate’s husband, Prince William?

According to the body language expert, Meghan and Will were never too close.

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Judi stated: “It is hard to find any pose that has William and Meghan displaying even that polite warmth.”

She observed: “There was one kiss on the cheek as a public greeting but William seemed to perform it on the hoof rather than lingering.

“His warmest gesture probably came when he beckoned her over to join them at the start of the walkabout after the death of the Queen.”

But according to Judi, Meghan’s time as a senior royal was not devoid of friendship.

The expert claimed that the Duchess had a close bond with the late Queen, Princess Anne, Camilla and the now King Charles.

Meghan was “clearly very keen to define an almost grandmother-granddaughter relationship” with the Queen, according to Judi, suggested by Meghan’s “eye-wrinkled smiles” and mirrored posing.

Meghan was “equally keen to promote some relationship bonds with Princess Anne, using similar eye-engage rituals and even the shared joke signals”.

As for Camilla, the duo’s “prolonged handholding” at Ascot suggested a “genuine warmth” between them.

Charles and Meghan “could possibly have forged a very deep relationship”, with Charles walking his daughter-in-law down the aisle and acting in a paternal role.

“In a group setting Meghan tended to single her father-in-law out with her eyes and her facial expression seemed to light up when he spoke to her.”

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