Optical illusion shows how your loved ones view you


A ‘spot on’ optical illusion has exploded in popularity online as it promises to reveal what your reputation is and what your loved ones admire about your personality.

To begin, the viewer simply needs to quickly glance at this strange picture, and they should right away see sunflower seeds tucked away together or two men’s faces.

Depending on what you see first will show if you are more family or career-driven, and what types of people you should be wary of in your life.

This brainteaser was first shared on social media by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has shocked users with her ability to read people’s personalities through her quirky psychological pictures.

In her video comment section, one user wrote: “She’s always right!” while another person commented: “How on earth are there always spot on?!”

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Sunflower Seeds

If you first saw the sunflower seeds, then those around you admire you for your kind-hearted nature. You are always there to help those you care about and are known as there person who plans parties, family reunions or major life events.

While you care deeply about those around you, you sometimes feel like your friends or family would never put the same amount of effort into helping you out with your life. It can make you feel resentful, so make sure to draw boundaries and say no to people when you have to.

Mia said: “You are someone who would sacrifice everything for your loved ones. Even though you have many hobbies you’d rather pursue, you continue to exhaust yourself to please the people around you.”

Two Men 

If you first spot two faces in the picture, then you are deeply ambitious, and you are admired for your success in life.

Working towards goals, especially when it comes to your career, is what makes you happiest in life, and you have always had an incredible work ethic. Most people in your life see you as a very determined and inspirational person, but be careful of the odd person who might be jealous of your success.

Mia said: “You are destined to be wealthy and successful. You are very sensitive to new opportunities for making money, and if given the resources, you could make anything happen.”


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