Zara and Mike Tindall’s behaviour at Royal Ascot ‘sums up’ their ‘authentic’ love – claim

Judi said: “In 2019, Mike Tindall made the late Queen and the rest of the royal group roar with laughter when he revealed he was hiding a chocolate gift for his daughter under his top hat.

“In many ways, the incident sums up Zara and Mike’s behaviour not just at Ascot but in life generally.

“Their Ascot poses tend to show high levels of continuity. The couple exist in an almost permanent state of PDA but their body language never gets cheesy like red carpet celebs, because their non-verbal signals are such an obviously clear fit with their emotions and personalities.”

Just last year, the couple were pictured looking deeply into one another’s eyes at the event, to which they wore coordinated outfits.

Mike’s pink tie matched Zara’s hat and the buttons on her dress, which was a small but purposeful gesture that symbolised their strong bond.

The couple were also seen taking a selfie in the stands which proved their down-to-earth nature as individuals and as a couple, as explained by Judi.

The body language expert said: “Their love, fun and laughter look authentic and the fact they are happy to share it with the camera looks like an act of mutual happiness rather than vanity or boastfulness.

“Mike never looks intimidated by the royals and they in turn tend to look both uplifted and slightly in awe of this sporting alpha hero.”

She continued: “Zara and Mike’s moods always look matching, with both looking upbeat and confident. Their playfulness is also synchronised and they are either looking one another in the eye or gazing at each other with what looks like admiration and respect beneath the banter.”

Judi claimed that when it comes to their body language, whether they’re in one another’s embrace or not, there is something “wonderfully uncomplicated” about the pair. She added: “And the only sense of drama is a romantic drama, never friction or concealed feelings.”

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